La Triennale di Milano
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April 2018

An iconic piece that carries a message of love, addressed to Nature.

Design performs a primary role: giving shape to materials of any kind of nature. Nature is the real protagonist of the process, while the designer’s ability consists in being able to set it free and let it express its value and potential at the highest level.
The Riva 1920 cedar wood Collection comes from the company’s love for Nature. It is a tribute to the extraordinary natural material that wood
is — with its own shapes, grains, and perfumes — not to forget that wood is a renewable source but it is not endless.
It is an about one-hundred year long story in favor of a sustainable design, through the use of cedar wood: magnificent trunks that fell after natural events and have been reused or trunks that fell after planned cuttings. Love is in the Wood is a message for the natural world, which we too often do not respect. Giving shape to natural materials is always an exciting challenge. Each finishing step gives back a creation with its own soul, with all the colors of the natural world, a true and unique work of art carved in nature.
Humankind inherited this noble art, thanks to craftsmanship mixed with the most innovative technology: this precious wood is shaped by the latest generation 5/6 axes machineries. As always, each item comes from a need or an intuition and from the attempt to turn the signs of daily life into shape, always looking for new inspirations. This is how iconic design identifies with the Hearts Shooter stool designed by Marco Baxadonne and Maurizio Riva. The cylinder of a revolver transforms itself and its destroying bullets are replaced by six red romantic hearts. An iconic piece that carries a message of love, addressed to Nature.

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