Dark Brightness: the show is on again after sunset

VisionQuesT 4rosso presents DARK BRIGHTNESS by Malena Mazza

Facades of buildings of the new Milan tell the story of places in a constant state of flux. They stand out colored in fluorescent lights, drawn with contemporary and captivating lines and shapes.

The people that go and live there are the heart of these buildings and on to them they transfer the emotions, the feelings and the gratification from one's soul to the concrete. The strong personality of the buildings, containers during the day of commercial activities, apartments, leisure facilities and temporary homes, are able to give their best when darkness falls: a carousel of life that takes shape in the colored windows glowing in the dark, in the lights of the new offices that never go out, in rooms housing residents and tourists hungry for new faces, extravagant cocktails or real life. Apparently to avoid loneliness, one has to just walk around these places and look up a lit curtain of a home to share the warmth and intimacy.

The end of this magic coincides with the arrival of a new day: the curtain falls on the Milan flooded by light, making room for sunlight, the touch of rain or a soft winter gray day. However lovers of darkness have nothing to fear, the show will start again every time after sunset.

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Via Formentini, 4/6


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