Insula delle Rose - New Sustainable Projects

The ambition of customer’s lifestyle is the starting point of Insula delle Rose project philosophy. Altamarea, Bath&Bath, Bisazza, CSA, Neve and Nic, some of the most significant brands of bathroom design, are displayed on the showroom. This exclusive showroom, located in Brera and designed by Carlo Dal Bianco, architect and designer, will become a special place to meet, discuss and debate with exceptional guests and design experts during dedicated events.

Insula mosaic decoration, dedicated to the owner and designed by Carlo Dal Bianco, is the shop’s emblem and stands on the middle of the showroom in a custom-made green version. This color choice, due to a consideration on nature and vegetation themes, is applied everywhere on the store project. Bathroom and wellness are the protagonists on a showroom that becomes a place to compare and interact with architects and designers. Each project is unique, as it is unique the relationship between a person and his house.

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Via Goito, 3


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