Best Packaging 2017 and the Roxy in the Box universe protagonists of the fuorisalone, showcased by Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art

To celebrate the 60 years of the Italian Packaging Oscar, the contest organized by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio to award the BEST PACKAGING, the eclectic artist Roxy in the Box will be creating three original works, drawn from a reflection that came to her in 2004 with the Kitakkat show, featuring important historical national brand logos. The project confronts reality and the artistic transfiguration of packaging, created to preserve, protect and communicate, that has become a cult object for pop art. Showcased by Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art, in the heart of the Brera Design District, innovation in design, materials and functions of packaging that accompanies everyday life meet up with the reinterpretations of the Neapolitan pop artist, who reads packaging as a powerful communication tool and popular form of artistic education. The place of origin is the supermarket, which is perceived by Roxy as a place of repeatability, the place par excellence which combines some of the most significant themes in her artistic approach and style: pop art, the logo, packaging.

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