What’s a cat doing at Fuorisalone?

AECORE: the alternative laminate

With AECORE the cat is at Fuorisalone, but also on your wardrobe or your wall at home ...

AECORE is the unique and innovative decorative thermoplastic laminate on the market developed for the architecture and design world. Resulting from a long research, AECORE combines aesthetics and functionality.

Ideal for covering any internal or external surface at home, in offices or stores, AECORE is customizable according to your project, and available in a wide range of colors, designs and surfaces. It enhances the wood effect thanks to the embossed-in-register technology.

Extremely flexible, AECORE resists scratches, moisture and heat. It stimulates visual and tactile sensations that … even your cat will love!

AECORE is a product by Alfatherm, a leading company in the production of calendered films for the furniture industry. Discover it at Fuorisalone from April 4 to 9, at Association Plana, Piazza Cadorna 2, in the temporary exhibition developed in collaboration with the Art Director Fabrizio Bianchetti.

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Piazza Cadorna, 2


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