Dyson at Ventura Lambrate with dArk CUBE

The dArk CUBE, an installation designed by the architects Cristian Russo and Marco Pietro Ricci, is the center of the exhibit that Dyson will showcase during the 2017 Milan Design Week.
Inside the innovative Ventura Lambrate space, Russo and Ricci conceived an installation-cube immersed in a dark space, in which volumes and light will guide the visitor to the discovery of a new dimension, with the objective to present Dyson products and their disruptive technology.

Outside the CUBE, the darkness is broken by light blades, while the inside is illuminated by a CSYS™ task lights uses heat pipe technology to provide a powerful and precise light while redirecting the heat outside of the LEDs, protecting and preserving their brightness for a period of up to 144,000 hours [1].

Two air sheets come out at a speed of 690 km/h also from the Dyson Airblade™ Tap hand dryer, the other protagonist of the installation. Thanks to Airblade™ technology, the hand dryer releases unheated sheets of filtered air that scrape water from hands, drying them quickly and hygienically in 12 seconds.

[1] Calculated lifetime based on LED L70

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Via Giovanni Ventura, 15

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