ALCHEMYX - FENIX NTM® by Arpa Industriale

The essence of FENIX NTM®, an innovative material for interior design, is expressed through the concept of alchemy. Alchemy interpreted as “research, experimentation, transformation,” in a set-up marked by the allegorical presence of the “joker,” a symbol of creativity and lateral thinking.

In the upper loggia of the Pinacoteca di Brera, in Milan, the textural and chromatic alchemy of Arpa Industriale’s nanotech material will come to life through a powerful and visual installation by Van Orton Design.
With a Pop art twist and in an extra-large scale, the two Turin-based artists will reinterpret a selection of iconic images of the Joker card – starting from the representations kept at the Pinacoteca di Brera. An emotional installation in which FENIX NTM becomes the allegory of “an ingredient that adds value” to a series of timeless design projects.

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Via Brera, 28


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