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Zigozago Concept chair

"Zigozago" is a polypropylene injection molded chair which combines technology, innovation and manufacturing capability of tailored derivation.

In fact, the backrest seems to be composed of two parts sewn together with a zigzag stitch. This detail along with having an esthetic value becomes the guiding system for the covers, accessories in various drapery that enrich and personalize the chair.

Offered in a palette of colors that refer to the lagoons of the world, the covers have the combined color tones for outdoor and indoor versions. The shell with its recognizable endearing profile is inspired by the geometry of nature, particularly the leaves, is marked by ribs and veins.

The metal structure is painted in the same colors that play on the opposing rhythms; in part, it seems to hold the body and partly is incorporated by itself in its deep ribbing, a strong sign of detachment between the seat and the backrest.

Angel’s Trumpet

The name "Angel's Trumpet" is the common name of Brugmansia, it has large, pendulous, trumpet-shaped flowers. The curves of the "Angel's Trumpet" shape were designed according to the fluent curves of the flower. It seizes the peaceful moment of a morning dew gliding through the petal, and the soft and gentle lines of the lounge chair were inspired by the colorful flowers. They not only attract bees but people to get some relaxation on the balcony or in the spring garden.

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