Wonder Japan Experience: "KŪKAN" The Invention of Space

7 Dimensions: “Capturing the Japanese culture of spacial art and developing inspiration into a new imagination of space”


Audio-visual-spacial installation in Brera Design District created by 7 vessels made of 140 55-inch monitors. Fusion between space and audio visual that is only available at the venue. Strolling around the space will expand your imagination into individual experience of your own. By changing your position and orientation, you look towards the 7 vessels to create entirely different universes and new spaces nobody else has experienced before.


It shows an original Japanese view of the world and its natural beauty. The aesthetics of art and culture that have been nurtured in the county from ancient times in an unbroken tradition. The art of symmetry and boundary will be projected through the 7 vessels to render unlimited inspirational space to connect or disconnect oneself with others.

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Event in:
Via S. Carpoforo 9
Via Fiori Chiari 17/a


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