The Italian Packaging Oscar at Milan Design Week 2016

For the third year running the Packaging Week will feature among the events staged at the international design meet-up in Milan April 12 to 17. On their Via Solferino 27 premises the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio and CONAI (National Packaging consortium) will be presenting 19 packaging case studies, virtuous with all items designed respecting a prevention guideline,  covering aspects of environmental impact,  innovative in terms of technology and materials, and functional in terms of planning and design. 


The projects on show must also respect the Decalogue of the Ethical Packaging Charter, based on the principles of responsibility, balance, safety, accessibility, transparency, information, up-to-dateness, farsightedness, education and sustainability. Environmental sustainability is the theme of the year, and in packaging it stands for reuse, saving of raw materials, use of recycled/reclaimed materials, facilitating recycling activities, logistics optimization, simplification of the packaging system, optimization of production processes.


As part of the packaging week program, visitors to the show will be able play the game "What type of packaging are you?", that allows people to become aware of our daily relationship with packaging, this according to everyone’s individual lifestyle. Also scheduled a series of open meetings with agencies and designers (CBA design, Paul Prossen Graphic & Design), discussions on eco design themes (Studio LCE) and on trademarks and patents (Warrant Group).


Moreover will be planned Packaging value for food: meeting the food bloggers, by Anna Prandoni, journalist ad Director of Accademia Marchesi and speech by Marco Sachet, Director of Istituto Italiano Imballaggio. On April 15 at the Corriere della Sera, the Buzzati hall will host the Best Packaging 2016 awards, featuring the winners of the environmental section of the Italian Packaging Oscar. The week long program will end that very same evening with a winners’ celebratory event, open to the public, held during the Brera night.

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15th April 2016
Via Solferino 27



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