Flowers and kinetic art in Brera

Among the cultural initiatives supported by the Brera Design District on the occasion of the 2016 Fuorisalone is Kinetic Garden, developed by Piuarch. The Studio dedicated the special setup of "Orto fra i cortili" of via Palermo 1 to kinetic art. The botanical theme is an homage to the work of the Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz Diez, who has always been a point of reference and a continuous source of inspiration for the Studio. The Kinetic garden was born from the collaboration with the landscape designer Cornelius Gavril who, using flowers and essences, designs the space creating an optical effect for the visitor. Verdevivo, responsible for the preparation of the plants, and Vivai Mandelli, that managed the making of the project, are the main partners to the initiative. 


The peculiar complex of flowerbeds and pallets created by Piuarch on the roof of the building housing the Studio includes a set of 4 essences – two varieties of red and green salad and two of orange and light blue pansy – arranged in straight lines that repeat continuously where every essence marks a monochromatic row.


The chromatic effect is amplified by the use of triangle-shaped boards along the colour lines to increase the perceived depth. The installation creates an active interaction between space and viewer: the static image turns into a dynamic one thanks to the movements of people within the space.

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Via Palermo, 1


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