Animated garden played by Lagoon

At the Spazio Cernaia, the beautiful garden at the heart of Brera, the Taiwanese Lagoon company presents its new outdoor products, developed in cooperation with the Italian designers Baldessari e Baldessari and Wang Shih Chun / Bod Design Taiwan.


During the Design Week, Lagoon will recreate an “animated garden” at the Spazio Cernaia, which will house the new outdoor products; colourful backdrops will surround the external display promenade, continuing in the ground-level loft. Light and transparent setups, such as the large display cases leaned on grass carpets, will surround the multi-coloured “accrochage” of chairs, displayed along a path that leads to the little theatre located at the back of the garden, where an installation comprising several thin stems, resembling flower stalks, will sustain the new Zigozago.


Sort of a flowered theatre, where the visitor can walk freely and touch the finishes and details of the new chair.

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Event in:
Spazio Cernaia
Via Cernaia, 1
from 11am to 10pm


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