A new mood for Colè Gallery

“We believe in a new way of making design, based on a sophisticated expressive research and a new collaboration between all the key players of the design industry”. This is how Matteo De Ponti and Laura Macagno, owners of Colè Italian Design Label, present their new project on the occasion of the 2016 Milan Design Week: a new face for Colè Gallery, with some innovations for Colè Italian Design Label, Antes Design, Quebo, Tato, Labanto, G.T.Design, Linck Ceramics and Z.P.STUDIOTOOLS.


On stage in the space located in Via Cesare da Sesto, a choral exhibition whose fil rouge is a shared passion for everything related to art will witness the encounter between a project vision focused on memory and a production capacity linked to the history of the place. Artisan workshops and manufacturing companies will show the ability of making through gestures, preserving their value over the years.


Here are the pieces of furniture by Colè Italian Design Label, Antes Design and Quebo, with totally different traits but with a common love for design, details and matter. Here are the lamps of Tato, resulting from “a deep know-how that grows in the practice of making”, and the carpets produced by G.T.Design, expressing a flawed yet authentic, real and emotional concept of design. The mirrors of Labanto and the objects created by Linck Ceramics and Z.P.STUDIOTOOLS are equally unique in their remote identity, as their history is inscribed into their shape.

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Event in:
Via Cesare da Sesto


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