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Born in Veneto not far from Venice Chiara Andreatti moved to Milan where she graduated in Industrial Design at IED in 2003 and attended a master at Domus Academy. She collaborated with designers studios such as Raffaella Mangiarotti, Renato Montagner and studio Lissoni Associati (MI) where she has worked for more than ten years. She designs for companies such as Glas Italia, Non-Sans Raison, CC-tapis, Mingardo and Atipico, currently she is the art director of Bottega Nove, Karpeta and Texturae.


In 2018 she was called to represent the tenth edition of Fendi's anniversary at Design Miami. Chiara combines the craft culture of her Venetian roots with design and industrial with a continuous aesthetic research, believing that a craft and poetic touch on everyday objects can improve the quality of life. Her work has been published in the most important national and international magazines (Domus, Interni, Surface, Rum, Living, Wallpaper, Elle Decor, Living, Icon, Ddn, etc.)

When travelling I like to look for new aesthetics and methods

— Chiara Andreatti
The interview

The version of Chiara Andreatti about Fuorisalone

What are your sources of inspirations and how do you stay updated in your job?

I pay close attention to what surrounds me and I do a lot of research on contemporary art, architecture, craftsmanship. When travelling I like to look for new aesthetics and methods. I have always felt attracted and curious about what is “new”, about the “diversity” of any objects, manufacturing techniques or finishes, trying to materialise and file every input in a collection of images started in 2002 but never finished, a collection that puts everything together and is essential for my projects.

A snapshot of today’s design: did the new media change the way to communicate yourself and promote your projects?

I don’t see such a big gap between paper and digital communication as I am already part of a world that is 80% digital. Social media are for me an essential visual and communication tool.

You work with several materials: glass, brass, wool, ceramic, wood. Do you always have the same approach to every project?

I try to interact with the project and material I work with keeping the combination of craftsmanship and industrial process as a constant. I strongly believe in the power of craftsmanship, both pure and revisited with a modern twist. A touch of poetry can also be found in a technique that is disappearing, in a material of the past decontextualised in the present, or in an imperfect detail that makes you smile.

What does Fuorisalone mean to you?

Fuorisalone is a moment of intense activity for Milan, where many different cultures gather together. Milan becomes full of interesting settings and engaging events that make it lively and sparkly.

Your favourite place during the Design Week

I let the interiors of historic Milan houses amaze me, places that open to the public and where nothing is left to chance.

I wish Fuorisalone…

I wish Fuorisalone and Salone took place every two years; this in my view would increase their quality and allow a concentration of more innovative and sophisticated products and events.

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