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Martina Gamboni is an accomplished communications specialist operating in the design and creative industry. Her innate passion for design and architecture led her to pursue this field and establish the agency that bears her name. 
 From the beginning, she came in contact with Italian excellence and world-renowned designers. Her strong experience allows her to deal with communications projects for industrial and artisan products, companies and galleries. Her dedication has enabled her to establish professional and personal connections with influencers and press from all over the world.

Conversations today are everywhere and sometimes listening in on a word is enough to get an idea

— Martina Gamboni
The interview

The version of Martina Gamboni about Fuorisalone

Design, fashion, art, and architecture: how connected are they today? Do you see a common language in their promotion?

I don’t see the assertion of an actual common language, they are close-set disciplines and their proximity often occurs only by consonance. What associates all these worlds, ultimately, is the search for quality, personality, the drive to overcome limits and go beyond the obvious.

What are your sources of inspiration and how do you keep up to date for your job?

I try to watch and listen as much as possible. Going in depth is a very strenuous exercise but it’s necessary. I try to find channels and people, which are apparently distant from the fields I generally work in. Conversations today are everywhere and sometimes listening in on a word is enough to get an idea!

A snapshot of design today: have social networks changed your design communication?

They haven’t actually changed the way we do PR, but they allowed us to finally work on a vertical and customized communication. In design this transition is still occurring slowly but only because we’re still gradually building a new way of working and producing content. We’re following this evolution along with our clients, creating ad hoc worktables involving the agency, the client, a pool of experts and together we study the most effective communication method.

What does Fuorisalone mean to you?

Staging ideas, projects…it’s the culmination of months of work. It’s wonderful to feel like a part of this great show every year!

What sacred fetish have you found during Design Week

Roughly 14 years ago, I saw a white and blue ceramic container shaped like a fish. I didn’t buy it right away but in the following days it became a sort of obsession…so on the last day of design Week I went back to buy it. It was my first encounter with collector’s design

Something to look out for during Design Week 2018

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