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April 2018

This year the "Salone del Mobile" has a Manifesto; talks about innovation, sustainable quality and craftsmanship, collaboration, inclusion and sharing. For this reason we will present a capsule collection of "freegender socks", conceived on the theme of "Coexistence", a fundamental pillar for achieving these objectives; and we will use the Morse code to say it.

77DENARI is a limited edition collection of artisanal silkscreen printed tights and socks,created and produced in Italy; the screen printing process involves several passages to frame for the drafting of the colors that will form the design; each stocking is therefore proposed in the series of the season, and at the same time is a unique piece by virtue of the manual process. Furthermore, the ethical-aesthetic choice of using only water colors, makes the product experimental and innovative, as they are usually only used on supports of natural origin and therefore not elastic but "still". Each product is a true work that is worn and moves: walking, running, dancing and living stories, reinterpreting the proposed contents with a voice and creating a new identity. Starting from spring / summer 2018, 77denari launches its first "socks" collection, proposing a graphic content linked to the symbology of the mirror; through the choice of colors and prints of the collection, we enter a world of reflections, which lead us to consider the fact that every vision is important and at the same time partial if compared with the multiplicity of the points of view; it is therefore an experience of openness towards infinite possibilities. On the occasion of the Milan "design week", 77denari will be hosted in the Porta Romana district by Spazio Nur, inside the Apres-Coup multispace. The boutique is run by Tahereh Toluian, who has been working with fashion and research passion for several years; is therefore an ideal place for the presentation of the SOCKS ss 2018 line and of the entire project: the idea on which the brand is founded is the desire to give to the "beauty" a type of value in which harmony and proportions of the parts go beyond the absolute, of time and memory, and instead focus on the "physical soul" of the intrigued consciences. Innovation, sustainable quality and craftsmanship, collaboration, inclusion and sharing are the foundations of the project. For this reason, and in harmony with the Manifesto of the Salone del Mobile, the designers, in agreement with Tahereh, will create a capsule collection of unisex knee-highs, conceived on the theme of "Coexistence", fundamental pillar to reach all these objectives together.

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Carla Armillei
simona berardi




Simona B: 3669409538

Spazio Nur: via privata della Braida, 5

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