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April 2017

Come and see our new collections 2017

Tileskin® opens Season 2017

New collections: dozens of new TILESKIN® that range from basic to trendy, from classic to fashion.

New catalogue: full of pictures, settings and atmospheres, true "digital tutorial" to support customers in choosing and in combining patterns and colors.

Catalogue 2017

Tileskin® is always more on the side of those who choose its products: Catalogue 2017 is now a practical tutorial, organized by mood (elaborated on the basis of color, pattern, decoration): It means that an image set opens each new section. To this are juxtaposed single TILESKIN®, from the most basic to the most creative and original designs, with a keen eye for combinations between solid colors and decorations.

There are no unnecessary endless images of massed tiles but it is a compositional system, suggesting new ideas to decorate the house with the most trendy combinations.

Catalogue 2017, contains dozens of new designs, motifs and patterns elaborated thanks to the collaboration of Studio Architects and Associates Millozza and Trupiano led by Patrizia Trupiano, which has created a harmonized system of color groups and trendy graphics.

The #Cult: Leopard, Lama and Peacock - Series TILE IMAGES

There are three "special" TILESKIN® kit selected by Patrizia Trupiano to let you fall in love at first sight:

LEOPARD: some 'Henri Rousseau, and a little of Gustav Klimt - exquisitely dimensional and naif - the Leopard mixes rich green colors in warm yellow hues and colors of the earth, transferring the mood of the jungle next summer directly on the walls of the house , immediately and without efforts. Suggested for braves.

LAMA: Eastern inspiration, opulent and gorgeous, mitigated by shades of gray and beige is accented with red and blue details of the harness. TILESKIN® looks at east to catch the eye of someone who crosses the figure in its grandeur.

Who is behind TILESKIN®

Totally Made in Italy Brand, from concept to production, TILESKIN® was born from the creativity of the entrepreneur Aldo Cami, which operates in the adhesive graphics technologies for over 30 years.


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Patrizia Trupiano


Press Office Tileskin®

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