Necessary Architecture

Hubbastanza, a new architecture studio, hosts a review of projects developed by a group of students from the “Politecnico di Milano”, aimed at defining a model of sustainable housing structure supporting the Lodi mission "Parroisse St. Charles Lwanga De Dosso", Eglise Catholique au Niger

The Necessary Architecture project was conceived by the architects Alisia Tognon and Luca Trabattoni and developed, together with the Politecnico di Milano, the Mission Catholique St. Charles Lwanga De Dosso and the ARCò Group - Architecture and cooperation. ARCò is a cooperative founded by a group of engineers and architects engaged in architectural, urban and landscape design based on principles of environmental sustainability. The professionals have decided to meet the needs of the Dosso Mission: and have developed a project based on the creation of sustainable buildings both energetically and socially, focusing on raw earth as a building material. Hubbastanza will host works in which the creative process of the project will be descripted: tables and models will be exhibited on a 1: 200 scale of the building and on a 1:50 scale with in-depth construction details.

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