IN-OUT wellbeing in outdoor

Vorremmo che il Fuorisalone diventasse sempre più internazionale e sempre più un place to be non solo legato al design ma anche a tante altre forme d’arte.

It is within this change of the urban infrastructure, that the project  IN-OUT wellbeing in outdoor fits in, contributing to the creation of a new district during the Milan Design Week 2018: the Citylife District.

The project has been created thanks to the curatorship of the architect Fabio Rotella, founder of Studio Rotella. The organization, direction and communication are signed by Barbara Colonnello of the event agency Promoest, in collaboration with Sergio Rossi, creator of the exhibition Sun in Rimini.

This is their interview for Fuorisalone Magazine:

• What mean Fuorisalone for you?
Fuorisalone is a magical moment of the year. It's the moment when companies get together and create synergy. We believe that this is the keyword of Fuorisalone: synergy, or even better synergistic collaboration. With the strength of a shared location and in some cases, as it happens with IN-OUT, of a shared concept, companies are able to strengthen each other by promoting their passion for design

• And for Milan?
Definitely Fuorisalone is the moment in which Milan reaches its maximum potential becoming in all its aspects an "open Milan", especially thanks to the accessibility to spaces that are usually closed to the public. During this event, Milan becomes alive thanks to events, installations and above all thanks to the heterogeneity of the people who come to visit it, making the city more and more cosmopolitan.

• How do you prepare for this event?
With much excitement, because this year we will be there too!

• We wish that Fuorisalone...
became more and more international and more and more “a place to be” not only related with design but also with many other forms of art. We would like it to become a musical, theatrical and cinematographic meeting place and above all to become the "center of the world" for 5-7 days.

• To keep an eye on for Design Week 2018
We suggest you for sure to keep an eye on the CityLife area that for the first time will become alive during the Fuorisalone following a unique theme: the outdoor design. 

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