Japan loves Superstudio. In fact, in addition to the extraordinary exhibition by Nendo, an entire enclave of successful companies, start-ups and hubs of promotion of Made in Japan design arrives in Central Point, for an itinerary through space and time, contrasts between the most inventive technology and millennial traditions.

Kawai, in collaboration with the light artist Takahiro Matsuo, exhibits the poetic installation “Crystal Rain” where a piano with a transparent end floats on a water glass generating a light waterfall to every note.

Yokohama Makers Village is back with Reflection/Shadow to explore the material’s characteristics in a game of reflections and shadows.

Japan Design Week, Japanese design festival supported by the Design Association npo transfers to Milan. On the spotlight are the winners of the competition held in Hirosaki City under the “apple” theme, that became a lamp, then a table, chair, sandals, kimono. And a series of films that recount the Design Week in various cities of Japan.

Budbrand, the company dedicated to support the future generation of Japanese designers, presents a project inspired by the “Celebrations” theme, with gift-objects to give joy to whoever receives them.

Yoy, extremely young and award-winning design studio from Tokyo, exhibits three new accessories, two lamps and one wall clock, and introduces for the first time ever the updated and renovated edition of an innovative speaker that combines sound and visual elements.

The itinerary ends with a tribute to one of the most important Japanese designers of the 20th century, “Homage to Kuramata”, a poetic installation curated by Antonio Facco, admirer of Shiro Kuramata’s work (1934 – 1991).

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Superdesign Show, Superstudio Più
Via Tortona 27, Milan
17-21 April 2018, 10am - 9pm
22 April 2018, 10am - 6pm

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