Milano Space Makers: Tortona rocks

Tortona rocks is the interpretation that Milan Space Makers offers of the Tortona district, between scouting, fascinating locations and cultural renovation.

Tortona rocks is the interpretation that Milan Space Makers offers of the Tortona district, the area where it plays a leading role in the scouting and management of the most beautiful and fascinating locations, as well as that of promoting its cultural calling.


Tortona rocks is also the title of the program of events that Milano Space Makers has curated for the Design Week 2016: Studio Formafantasma, Maarten Baas, Naoto Fukasawa, the Japanese duo of YOY, Marcel Wanders, Naohiko Mitsui, Vasku&Klug: these are just a few of the names of the upcoming and established designers who will be hosted this year by Milano Space Makers in the exhibition circuit that unwinds through the epicentre of the Tortona district. An important collaboration with Archiproducts, partner of the new Salone del Mobile web platform, will begin officially in April, with the inauguration of Archiproducts Milano in the spaces of Milano Space Makers, to become a permanent meeting point for architects, designers, brands and institutional partners.


The programme of events organised for the 2016 Milan Design Week is a concentration of research and experimentation: original projects and moments of experience will be able to give inspiration, reflection and stimuli to the visitors, to trace a skyline of culture and design open to the world.


The exhibition circuit of Milan Space Makers outlines a path of industrial archaeology that winds in the epicenter of the area between Via Tortona , Via Savona and via Bergognone: spaces that witness  the many layers of identity that have deeply changed the area, from the industrial district to the creative center of the city.


The Milano Space Makers team consists of professionals coming from a long experience in the field of events and communication that have seen Tortona’s birth, growth and transformation, contributing with their work to the regeneration of the area, making it an incubator of creative energy, a laboratory where all disciplines find fertile ground to experiment and contaminate each other.


Milan Space Makers is in the center of the avant-garde crossover that characterizes the area, focusing on interdisciplinary contamination between design, business, fashion, culture that is now going through a phase of upgrading with new relevant contents.

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