Milano is #DesignCapital: here's why

The independent documentary "#DesignCapital - The seven days that make Milan the capital of design" is now available

The project "#DesignCapital – The seven days that makes Milan the capital of design", is an independent documentary by Studiolabo in collaboration with Andrea Cuman, Massimiliano Fraticelli and Patrizio Saccò, who is also the director of the film.


By re‐experiencing the Fuorisalone 2014 week – the settings, the people, the districts and the parties engaging the whole city – "#DesignCapital" collects the voices of different influential designers, such as Ron Gilad and Marten Baas, and opinion makers like Wallpaper* and CoolHunting, and explores the reasons why Milan has become the world's design capital. Multiple perspectives linked to one another by images of the most innovative objects and outstanding installations; these images slowly build up the tale of an “endless city”, in which the urban dimension melts with the design culture.


"#DesignCapital" has been produced in collaboration with the the Civic School of Cinema and under the patronage of the City Council. 


Watch "#DesignCapital":


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Andrea Cuman
Massimiliano Fraticelli
Patrizio Saccò

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