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She is based in London, but her roots are in Greece. Afroditi Krassa established herself mainly as an interior designer. Her customers include Ligne Roset, Bonaldo, Cassina and Topshop. Her studio has carried out projects for some of the most awarded London restaurants of the last few years, among which Itsu, Café Rouge, Oriel and Dishoom.



I always wonder when I visit how the Milanese feel that the whole creative world has descended upon them for that week.

— Afroditi Krassa
The interview

The version of Afroditi Krassa about Fuorisalone


What does Fuorisalone mean to you?

Excitement. Fuorisalone is not only one of the most diverse programmes of design and art events worldwide, but also one of the most exciting ones. I think it does not matter if you are in design or not, you cannot help but be amazed by the sheer scale, passion and richness of what is on show. I would like Fuorisalone to be rain free! It is so much more fun when you dont have to carry an umbrella.


And what does it mean for Milan?

The greatest thing about the Milan Design Week is that the whole city is participating, it is not just a fair or an event, it feels as if the whole city of Milan is out on the streets celebrating this beautiful industry and the heroes behind it, small or large. It is totally integrated to the fabric of everyday life and I always wonder when I visit how the Milanese feel that the whole creative world has descended upon them for that week.


The key thing you discovered or learned at the Milan Design Week

I visited the studio of Bruno Munari and got to meet him and be shown through all his prototypes, sketches and thinking. It was an incredible experience as he has this transforming effect on me as a young designer. He was so charismatic and had a simple yet ingenious way of looking at the world that really resonated.


The place you love the most during Design Week

I do love visiting Galleria Rossana Orlandi, it is such a charmed place and a great spot for a bit of lunch outdoors. I also love going to La Triennale. Last year in Milano I bought those small and wonderful 1970s orange wall lights, I have no idea who the designer is. They are made out of single piece of ceramic, the shape is quite weird, almost looking like a slipper.


Your most significant relationship that was born during the Design Week

My relationship with design. I cared about design before Milan but fell in love with it after my virgin Milano experience, I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


What and where to eat during the week?

I have had one of my longest and most memorable meals at the Antica Tratroria della Pesa, with some clients who took me there for a 3 hour meal. I love those classic, old restaurants and use this as a great reference for our studio’s projects. I always pop in the Bagutta too, just to take pictures, I must have hundreds by now.

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