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Luisa Bertoldo is a polyhedral communication consultant who, together with her team, creates content and stories that speak to an international audience. She deals with design, food, fashion, and culture and her clients are large companies or small businesses sharing high-end quality and often unique research. Starting from an idea or a product, she follows the development activities in order to arrive at a correct and effective story aimed at the influential public. Luisa is also mother of a lively little girl, Giovanna and she is an ironic yet precise woman, these characteristics are always reflected in her work.
Luisa Bertoldo Press Office

Fuorisalone is the week when Milan fills up with the most beautiful people you can ever see in the city.

— Luisa Bertoldo
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The version of Luisa Bertoldo about Fuorisalone

A snapshot of contemporary design: have the new media changed the way you communicate with your customers?

Yes, there has been a change, and design - just like almost any other industry- was influenced by the social world. The speed of involvement was not that of fashion, but this allowed us to preserve purer and more effective contents, portraying a fresh and sought-after mind-set.


These contents have changed the aesthetics of our homes and have brought people even closer to this world. Having said this, I think that companies - especially Italian ones - need a great deal of strategic work to understand how to make all the available media work in synergy, without focusing on the concept of new media, but rather on an original approach to the means of communication, being them new means or vintage ones.


What are your sources of inspiration and how do you stay updated for your work?

Starting from the design that remains my "piezz 'é core" (-piece of heart) I decided years ago to explore in depth the worlds of fashion, food and culture. These explorations originated from the need for inspiration and from a great curiosity that would bring me back to design with a new knowledge that only other worlds could develop. My team’s experiences derive from many different fields, sources of great inspiration and tireless updating.

Design, fashion, art, architecture: Nowadays, how are they connected? Do you see a common language of promotion?

They are very connected worlds, but fortunately today everyone still has his own language and a label. This gives us the opportunity to create new and always fascinating stories just by drawing inspiration from other worlds. Mastering these codes allows us to act with criteria and be truly trustworthy and effective.

What does the Fuorisalone mean for Milan?

It is the week when the city fills up with the most beautiful people you can ever see in Milan.

How do you prepare yourself for this event?

With a physical and mental preparation.

For those like us who work in this field it means to attend it for at least 17 hours a day for over 7 days. It's a beautiful “tour de force” where you have to observe, tell, meet, talk (and talk), run and always make sure to have fun ... this is essential.

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