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Grown up between building sites and galleries, the architect and interior designer Anne Schweitzer has been working in Luxembourg (LucienSchweitzer), Milano (Tim Power Architects) and the glamorous Paris (Vuitton). Now actually living in Milan she decides to focus her interests and research on the ‘casa ambrosiana’ (ambrosiana being a insider-only definition of milanese), topic she finds peculiar for its alchemy of ancient materials, lifestyle culture, contemporary needs. Schweitzer uses besana9 for her first project. She plays with grays and shades, selects pieces unpredictably, uses nature. The result is a refined, discreet welcome to those who enter besana9, no matter for how long. Anne Schweitzer doesn’t design a venue: she creates a unique place.

Critics aside, what happens in Milan during Design Week is unique and spectacular.

— Anne Schweitzer
The interview

The version of Anne Schweitzer about Fuorisalone

What does Fuorisalone mean for you?

Fuorisalone is an accurate list of exhibitions, venues, installations I want to visit; and it’s the liberty of not following it because then I see something in a courtyard, I spy under a porch, and I just want to explore. Maybe it’s not even something linked to Fuorisalone, it can just be one of those architectural beauties you don’t have the opportunity to admire during the year.

The most important thing you discover or learnt from Milano Design Week

What I learnt over the years is that no matter how hard you try, you always miss something of what you so much wanted to see. I learnt to accept the simple fact that there will always be someone telling you about that thing you couldn’t miss, and you did miss.

Critics aside, what happens in Milan during design week is unique and spectacular, is cherished and expected for the whole year, is a magical gather of people, a concentration of creativity – most of all, it’s part of people’s life. Everyone these days is making fun of the frenzy that takes the city like a spell using the hashtag #cisentiamodopoilsalone (we’ll speak after Il salone): this happens no where else.

Your place during Design Week

My place: two years ago at Palazzo Bocconi, Corso Venezia 48, I visited the Louis Vuitton project “Objets Nomades”: a very special exhibition in an out of time place. I was so moved by “La Maison au Bord de l’eau”, a Charlotte Perriand project she never produced, I could have spent the whole afternoon there.

To not be missed at Design Week 2017

Uh! That’s a difficult question, I will find out during my escapades to the events of others! But I am very curious about the interior garden for Baxter new outdoor collection in their showroom BAXTER CINEMA in Largo Augusto.

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