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Entrepreneur and designer

Daniele Lago, born in 1972, is Chief Executive Officer & Head of Design of Lago S.p.A. The youngest of ten brothers, Daniele, after a career in volleyball, joined the company in the early 2000s as he felt the urgent need for creating meanings, without just focusing on the production of furniture. In 2014 Daniele launched “LAGO INTERIOR LIFE” at the Milan design week, a movement aimed at showing that design can and must improve people’s inner life.


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The Fuorisalone is for me a chance to express design the way I mean it.

— Daniele Lago
The interview

The version of Daniele Lago about Fuorisalone


What does the Fuorisalone mean for you?

The Fuorisalone was for me a chance to express design the way we mean it at LAGO: not only a means to describe our products, but also an opportunity to give voice to the social and semantic impact that a brand might have, which has always been one of LAGO’s favourite issues. An example of this idea is the LAGO Apartment, a synthesis of our commitment in which design must be regarded as a tool for social transformation. The Apartment is included in the Interior Life Network, a network of people and places appreciated and awarded by design institutions that in 2016 selected it for the ADI Design Index, where design is what triggers connections and meanings. The Fuorisalone is also an interesting tool to open to the world: an inclusive way of living design, which is very different from other fields, such as fashion.


The most important thing you found out or learnt at the Salone

At the Salone I found out that a stand is a place with a limited space, yet limitless imagination. Viewing it as a cultural exhibition we trigger innovations that further amplify the six-day Milan fair. In this respect, a book will be released shortly that is a summa and a continuation of the exhibition path organised by LAGO last year and focusing on a journey across ten Italian cities selected by us through Trivago’s “Global Reputation Ranking 2016”. Design keeps being a discipline that can and must link different sectors of the society. In this case for example, by describing Italy from many perspectives, the book will also be an incredible tool for territorial marketing.


Our projects for the 2017 Design Week

It was born from a workshop held with Fondazione Bellisario I took part in invited by Intesa San Paolo: that was the spark generating the idea that drove us through LAGO’s activities for the next Design Week. Being persuaded that our historical period strongly needs that, we identified “kindness” as our new development driver and the first step to present our considerations. In the 2017 Design Week there will be a great exhibition, taking place in several locations. The first, of 450 sqm, will be at Salone del Mobile, where 7 “kind” women working in different fields will be described through their ideal house: 7 kind interiors intertwined with different personalities. In our second exhibition we will instead analyse kindness with a more holistic approach: to do that we decided to collaborate with one of the most important educational institutions in the design sector, the Politecnico of Milan, that will enliven with us the spaces of our new location in via San Tomaso 6, CASA LAGO, and the LAGO Apartment in via Brera 30.

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