"The perfect bow" - 40 years of Nathalie


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April 2018

Preview of the short film "The perfect bow", dedicated to the forty years of Nathalie, the original modern textile bed, designed in 1978 by Vico Magistretti

FLOU was founded in 1978 and in 2018 the company will celebrate its first 40 years of activity. This important anniversary also coincides with the 40th birthday of NATHALIE, the bed designed by Vico Magistretti that accompanied social transformation and major cultural changes in the 70s.

At 40, a company can still be considered young; however, very few design products go the distance and last for that length of time; most fall into rapid decline but this has not been the case for NATHALIE.

The ‘bed with bows’ – unquestionably acclaimed as the original  modern textile bed – marked an authentic innovation of type that then became the gold standard in the sector, an evergreen product, enjoying popularity that has never waned. And to celebrate this enormous success, Flou dedicated to Nathalie the short film “The Perfect Bow”. Through stories, emotional sentiments and anecdotes, it describes the lives of people who decided to purchase it and who enjoyed it for many years.

Written and directed by Andrea Cavallari, conceived and produced by Cristian Rabbiosi, the film will be previewed on Tuesday April 17th, the opening day of the Salon, in the Flou-Natevo showroom in Milan.

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