Gio Ponti: from architecture to design


Palazzo Gio Ponti
via Pantano, 9

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April 2018

Temporary exhibition “Forse non tutti sanno che…” and guided tour of Palazzo Gio Ponti

Designed by Gio Ponti, Assolombarda headquarter can be visited on April 21st  in a unique event to find out more on the famous designer and architect. 

You will also have the chance to see the first edition (April 3rd 1896) of the most important sport newspaper in Italy, La Gazzetta dello Sport, that was originally focused on bicycles. 

A temporary exhibition will drive you through the history of the two-wheel: from ancient models to design and modern bikes.
The “Bike Bistrot” will be open at 10.30 and at 15.00  

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Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza e Brianza


Gio Ponti

17 Tuesday
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10:30 - 18:30
Exhibition - Temporary exhibition “Forse non tutti sanno che…”
22 Sunday