MDTable The First Marble Digital Table made in italy by D-Table and Robot City


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April 2018

MDTable The First Marble Digital Table made in italy by D-Table and Robot City

Robot City - Italian Art Factory, an Italian company leader in the high quality processing of Carrara marble led by Gualtiero Vanelli, presents a new project on Friday, April 20, in via Passione 6, born from the collaboration of The Marbleman with Danilo Cascella, an Italian entrepreneur founder of the D-Table design brand, which brings together two companies able to stand out for the research and exploration of new technologies, but always inspired by a great respect for tradition.

The project born from the Robot City creative workshops in the heart of the Carrara marble district is a special marble edition of the D-Table, the iconic design touchscreen multimedia table, conceived and produced by Danilo Cascella renamed MDTable.
Robot City has reinterpreted this famous object giving its design an aura of classicism through the use of eternal material.
In line with the research and mission of the companies led by Gualtiero Vanelli, the futuristic technological system underlying the operation of the D-Table intertwines and dialogues with the marble inserts that surround the structure, defining the supports and the frame.
Robot City worked in synergy with the D-Table brand, providing its incomparable experience in the field of high craftsmanship to give elegance and vigor to a piece of furniture that is at the same time a technological product of the latest generation.
With MDTable technology and elegance meet in a single interactive object, which presents an intuitive interface on the model of modern smartphones and tablets.

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Danilo Cascella


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