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April 2018

Materials Village e Smart City

From 17th to 22nd April in Superstudio Più, the exclusive location in the heart of Milan that will host the Materials Village and Smart City exhibitions, Corradi will be attending with the double role of Exhibitor and Technical Partner giving its contribute to the considerations about the city of the future. A functional, inclusive, technologically advanced city: this is the idea shared with Material Connexion Italia and the other partners of the project.  

In Smart City, there will be a reinterpretation of the green urban areas by the architect Giulio Ceppi (Total Tool Milan) named Smart Garden. An innovative concept that responds to the desire for a more integrated and modular green system. A “dry garden” that develops as an interconnected green hub, where green acts as a support for multimedia audio and video devices. The outdoor turns into a multi-sensory space where a simple stop becomes an opportunity to learn, thanks to integrated monitors, or to relax, with a built-in sound system and aromatic diffusers that, together with the shade and shelter guaranteed by Corradi, are able to maximize the use of the garden.

Infinite possibilities can be created starting from a single module, inflected by spatial vocation, able to activate urban green areas. Everything is accessible, reversible and designed for an inclusive use that does not exclude anyone. This is the design scenario in which Corradi fits, together with a team of highly experienced partners. Defense is the chosen product for the first Smart Garden mock-up. Innovative, smart and green, this sun sail is the ideal match between tomorrow's functionality and timeless design.

Same location and design goals for Materials Village, this year at its 5th edition, which chooses the circular economy as its main theme, involving partners and companies able to propose solutions in the name of technological avant-garde and sustainability. Once again Corradi provides all its experience, designing a project where human handiwork fits perfectly with the outdoor setting, creating added value in terms of functionality and usability and keeping the natural element first. Maestro bioclimatic pergola with up to 140° adjustable blades is the right synthesis of this interpretation and fits the outdoor exhibition as the ideal continuity of Smart Garden. An intelligent structure, able to create a microclimate in the underlying space thanks to the possibility of controlling sun light and the degree of natural ventilation. Completely customizable in size and with a wide range of options, the version presented in Superstudio Più during the Milan Design Week is also characterized by a brand new and Made in Italy refined bicolor. 


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