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April 2018

Galleria, the new exhibition space inside Anteprima Boutique in 9, Corso Como, will host MGM
Design Collection’s debut, introducing works by well-known designers, such as Giuseppe

A cocktail party and a live performance by Keisuke Shiotsu will follow

Milano, April 2018. Anteprima, the Maison founded by Japanese stylist Izumi Ogino’s creative vision, is
introducing MGM Design Collection's debut, inside Galleria exhibition space, on the occasion of Milano
Design Week. MGM is an Italian company mainly involved in marble, granite, stones, travertine, onyx and
quartz's pioneering process. They will show tables, seats and interior design items, all Made in Italy and
signed by well-known designers such as Giuseppe Chigiotti, during a cocktail party to be held next
Wednesday 18th April in 9, Corso Como.

The nobility of marble, mould by the capable hands of master craftsmen, together with the latest and up-
to-date processing techniques for which MGM is renowned, takes shape in works by talented designers
such as Giuseppe Chigiotti.
Giuseppe Chigiotti has gained an international reputation as an architect and a designer; he is an Associate
Professor at the Politecnico di Milano, and he has written some essays, architecture and design books. He
has always combined his activity as a researcher and as a teacher with his professional activities in
architecture and design.

During MGM Design Collection's exhibition at Anteprima Galleria,Twist and Swan tables, by Giuseppe
Chigiotti with Riccardo Boccacci, will have a leading role. The project of Twist table has started to
represent the opportunity to work with a seven-angled robot cutter. The table has an asymmetric line: it
seems like a single piece of marble, although it is formed by two sections, an horizontal surface and a leg in
the middle. Swan is a composition of three tables that are similar but different in their outline and size.
They can be utilised both together, in pair and separately. Also in this case, their asymmetrical shape and
the cantilevered tops are created exclusively by the seven-angled robot cutter. Each table is composed of
two pieces of marble connected by a metal plate which respects their curvature. Works designed by
Stefano Gritti with Sofia Rollo - Embrace, a marble table, Oslo set, and Curl armchair - and Paolo Salvadè -
introducing both Plaza seats and beanbag chairs (customized with cushions created by Anteprima SS 18's
unique fabric), as well as Venezia, Kuadro and Redondo, his interior design pieces - will complete the
exhibition. MGM Design Collection is alternating between linear and curve geometry, and its asymmetrical
effect will capture the minds of the spectators. Additionally, it will succeed in creating a setting which
multiplies the iconic references to Anteprima's IT pieces available in the store.

On 18th April, at 18.00, Anteprima Galleria will host a cocktail party with the presence of the Japanese
performer Keisuke Shiotsu, from “Kitaryu”, an essential Noh Theatre school. Noh Theatre is a significant
form of traditional Japanese theatre involving music, dance and drama, originating in the XIV century. He
will perform two shows, at 18.15 and 19.15. The cocktail party will be even more exclusive due to Ilaria
Forlani's creations. She is food designer and founder of Glacè, an ice-cream brand featuring a couturier
attitude: on this occasion, her presentation is going to be marbled themed. Ilaria Forlani has been recently
awarded as Best Confectionary & Frozen Desserts Provider Italy 2017 at Uk Lux 2017 Food & Beverage Awards and Best Practice Food Designer Italy 2017 at Foodcommunity.it Awards in Milano.

Galleria is an open exhibition space inside Anteprima Boutique in Milano, 9 Corso Como, launched in
February 2018. It is hosting both up-and- coming and well-known talented artists' pieces of art, such as
sculptures, installations, interior design pieces, photographs, paintings. It is Ms Izumi Ogino's tribute to
Visual Arts' talents, whose artworks are her main inspiration for style. The dedicated area is extending on a
straight surface inside Anteprima Boutique. It also harmonises with the store's comfortable and bright open
space, characterised by a simple but elegant design, also underlined by white and charcoal colour

Anteprima has a longlasting involvement with the world of arts and design. The Maison has always been
very close to contemporary art, particularly to new talented artists, with whom it has also promoted
partnerships over the years. Anteprima has involved in Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milano since
2007, and it has succeeded in turning the event into an exhibition of new artists' works ever since. Galleria
expresses Anteprima's firm determination to enhance its support and synergy with the world of arts, both
encouraging the artists and reaching the highest number of people ever, making art available to the most.

Anteprima Galleria Cocktail
Boutique 9, C.so Como
Wednesday 18th April
h 18.00 - 21.30

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Anteprima is a women's ready-to- wear brand, entirely made in Italy, created in 1993 by the Japanese stylist Izumi Ogino. The brand is the synthesis of both Japanese poetic austerity and excellent Italian craftsmanship. Born and raised in Tokyo, Izumi first moved to the USA and then to Hong Kong, where, during the 1980s, she established herself as a retailer focused on building Italian brands in Asia. Her unique insight into the essence of 'a modern woman with an appreciation for timeless luxury and contemporary style’
then led her halfway across the globe to Milano, where she conceived ANTEPRIMA in 1993. Izumi Ogino opened her first flagship store in Via Spiga in 1995. In 1998, ANTEPRIMA made its debut at Milano Moda Donna S/S Collection, and Izumi began the first Japanese female designer to join the Milano Collection. As Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA, Izumi draws inspiration for her designs from her love of globetrotting and passion for different art forms, including fine art, literature, music, dance and theatre, as well as her extensive knowledge in jewellery design, floral design and make-up. She is also passionate about guiding the next generation of young fashion talents towards achieving their success and is actively involved as a sponsor and mentor. As a Milano based brand, Anteprima has its headquarters in Hong Kong; manufacturing is entirely carried out in Italy.

Our story dates back to 1969, created by men and women who saw far into the future. The quarry conceals thousands of secrets, waiting for someone to tell its story. Initial passion was soon reinforced by the professionalism of men and the most modern marble, granite, stone and quartz processing techniques guided by our company's expert and artisan hands. Production quality is guaranteed by direct and continuous controls for every operation: all processing phases are carried out internally. We like to think that we use the designer's vision to give life to a precious good and create allure for your home, materialised in a new furnishing object. Over 200 types of marble and granites are on display at our showroom in Mariano Comense (13,000 m2), offering designers and professionals the chance to view and select the most suitable materials to bring their projects to life.

Born in Grosseto in 1946, Giuseppe Chigiotti graduated from Florence University where he started his academic career. He has taught "Theory and history of design"; at the Politecnico in Milano and other foreign universities and has written books and essays on design. He has always combined his activity as a researcher and as a teacher with his professional activities in architecture and design. He has offices in both his hometown of Grosseto in Tuscany and Milano. After working as an industrial design consultant, he began to design objects and domestic furniture. At present, his design work includes residential building, commercial and exhibition spaces, urban regeneration, town planning, industrial design. His projects are being published in dedicated magazines and books. He has had the quality of his professional work recognised by being nominated Honorary Inspector of Architectural and Landscape heritage. 

Riccardo Boccacci has been working in his studio for fourteen years.


Studio Gritti Rollo was born in 2008 in Milano with the joint venture of the various experiences in architecture and project management gained by Stefano Gritti, and interior design and outfitting experience by Sofia Rollo. Their services range from architecture, interior designing and furnishing to residential and commercial buildings, by following all of the project stages from the start to the end. All of the materials chosen for each project are handpicked by giving particular attention to their finishing and light. The studio also provides services in fitting designs for events, exhibitions, fairs and exhibition booths.

Born in Cantù (Como) where he presently lives and works, Paolo Salvadè is principally engaged with industrial design in a territory where working metals and wood, producing upholstery and new or standard technological materials are part of this area’s DNA. After completing his education, he has gained almost twenty years of professional experience in a well-known design studio, interacting with leading furnishing brands. In 1997, he opened his industrial design studio and worked with major companies, partnering them in all the various stages. He is also involved in producing products and objects on an industrial scale and works on design and set-ups.

Born in 1984 as the first son of Tetsuo Shiotsu, the Noh protagonist of Kita School, Mr. Keisuke Shiotsu was first on the stage at the age of three. He played his first leading character in 1992, "Shōjō midare" in 2011, and "Dōjōji" in 2015. He graduated from Tokyo Gakugei Daigaku in Education Science. Mr. Shiotsu holds a part-time Lecturer position at APU Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University. Mr. Shiotsu is a member of Nohgaku Performance Association, Tokyo Branch. Mr. Shiotsu is a trustee of the Roppeita 14th Memorial Foundation. Mr. Shiotsu produces "Wakamono Noh" (Noh of the young, by the young, and for the young).


Thanks to:
MGM – www.mgm-sas.it
Giuseppe Chigiotti – www.chigiotti.it
Keisuke Shiotsu – www.shiotsu-noh.com
Ilaria Forlani - http://www.ilariaforlani.it

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