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April 2017

Reflection on Interactions Between Man and object, between man and machine.

The installation wants to show the creative process which brings to the realization of unique clay artifacts through an additive manufacturing process executed by a 6-axis robotic arm.
From the handmade preparation of the clay mixture, through the installation of the extrusion device on the robotic support, until the physical model creation digitally processed, the intent is to create a lively setting that tells this new manufacturing process, simultaneously enhancing both craft and technological components.

The products manufactured by the robot will be available to Jelena Dakonovic that will post-produce them live inside the installation: the ultimate goal is to create unique pieces by linking two modus operandi which may look apparently opposite but in reality are deeply connected and able to cross the line between art and design.

The context where the installation will be set, the Gianni Rizzotti photography studio, is a fundamental part of the whole process. The contrast between the aseptic spaces of the photographic studio and the installation turns into synergy when the bare partitions of the studio become both the back stage and the scenes of a performance that naturally becomes the protagonist of a photo shooting that will help us to better communicate the innovative manufacturing process.

The goal of the installation is to put on display, without filters, all that is behind the creation of an artifact result of a new approach to the project. The non canonical use of sophisticated technological supports explicit a relationship between man and machine extremely peculiar. The rhythm established by a continuous digital/analog alternating transports the audience into a narrative that brings to light the more human and fascinating aspects of digital fabrication, a process that begins with the man, passes through the machine and ends in the hands of the artist.

Sculture Informali is an installation born from Robotrip, a project of experimental research that we carry along with Wemake

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