At home - paper, fabrics, objects, shapes and colors

Laura Di Fazio and Lucia Lapone, two artists who interpret materials, shapes and colors according to their respective poetic skills.

Laura Di Fazio and Lucia Lapone, interpret materials, shapes and colors according to their respective skills and poetics. The one artist of engraving and painting, the other textile designer, set up a small kingdom made of fabrics, lamps, figured notebooks. They meet and receive at SpazioMantegna, on the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2019, just like at home, sitting at a table and chatting, weaving the thread of relationships that are life itself and handling small useful objects, never separated from taste and history that led them to live next to us and with us, discrete tools capable of bringing harmony, color, beauty. Engraving techniques, printing techniques, bookbinding and folding. Laura Di Fazio uses paper, sign and textures to create surfaces and new objects. Decoration and function come together harmoniously in unique works that sound familiar. Each technique has its inspiration, each inspiration calls for new skills. Textiles are the world of Lucia Lapone, her raw material in daty-to-day life. She designs and manufactures craft fabrics for home and clothing with different techniques: Shibori-zome, contemporary embroidery, hand painting. Starting from her fabrics, she has created three lines of unique pieces: Casa così, Mi vesto così and Scarpe così.

Laura Di Fazio artista
Lucia Lapone textile designer

Brands: Laura Di Fazio artistaLucia Lapone textile designer


Laura Di Fazio
Lucia Lapone

Designers: Laura Di FazioLucia Lapone


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