Art & Brand: disruptive meet

How to generate impact through collaborations between artists and brands

Companies are increasingly investing in the search for branding strategies, to transform the commercial product into an experience for the consumer.

They are social actors and not just commercial, legitimized to talk about cultural and political phenomena, to defend a world view, to take a position on the issues that matter.

On the other hand, art must take a space in advertising, in products, in packaging, it must be appreciated in its fundamental human, social and civilizing role.

Art has always provided a constant possibility of re-reading the world, it has the power to transform society through the breaking of previous expressive languages, it is capable of arousing powerful and complex emotions, which are not simply aesthetic, but involve the whole area of ​​our existence.

More and more often the world of art and the world of communication meet. But what is the reason behind these collaborations? What are the impacts?

On the occasion of the meeting, professionals in the field of art, licensing and innovation will discuss on these issues and will tell the most significant cases in the history of collaborations between brands, companies and artists, highlighting the impacts in the short and in the long period that these synergies pruducono.

The Popack project will be presented, as a synthesis of different professional skills, engaging in the development and implementation of cultural projects designed specifically for dissemination through consumer goods that take into account content, design, experience and technology.

In conclusion, "One of a million" will be presented, the first art project that integrates a commonly used product, water, as a device for the global dissemination of a cultural message



Brands: MondadoriPopack


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