JAPAN STYLE: design by tradition

A textile designer and a paper designer interpret the Japanese tradition of fabric and washi paper

The renovated showroom of MONOarte, located between Dergano and Bovisa, hosts two installations made by two designers inspired by Japanese world and its tradition.

Lucia Lapone, textile designer, specialized in shibori technique, contemporary embroidery, fabrics handmade painted, realizes for MONOarte in the occasion of FUORISALONE2019 an installation-sculpture of her fabrics.
For 25 years she has projected and realized fabrics and handmade products about interior design, clothing collborating with companies, interior designers and architects for private projects. Since 2010 she has taked part in World Shibori Network, an association for the the study of textile Japanese tradition and from all over the world. Her reseach is about Shibori technique and handmade printed in an contemporary way. One of a kind  is her last project: materials experimentation, techniques and colours,  following the traditional art of Shibori.

Susanna Carugati of SUSA FACTORY, paper designer, a professional gorw from different experiences in graphic field, bookbindig and calligrafy. She projects and realizes design objects in paper on commission and self-production.
Esseintial design and elegance of her taste inspired to japanese style are her signature.

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Brands: MONOarte


Susanna Carugati
Lucia Lapone

Designers: Susanna CarugatiLucia Lapone



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