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April 2018

A laboratory of applied arts in the “Arts and Crafts” and “natural living” tradition, to encourage the habit of having a city house full of harmony.


A laboratory of applied arts in the “Arts and Crafts” and “natural living” tradition, to encourage the habit of having a city house full of harmony.

We should continue to value hand made products and not only those made by industrial production, with the will and know-how to make unique objects in which we can feel the touch of those who created them.

Along with modern technology we can combine and maintain contact with the primary elements of our world in the city:

- materials and products of nature;

- our hands;

- our way of thinking and creating.

Within CuoreMilano we have collected three elements that enable use of living spaces that are an expression of these concepts.

Hand-painted paper wall panels

As elements of wall decoration, these panels attract ones gaze rewarding the sight with the pleasure offered by colour and design. If we think back to past centuries, the use of original wall decorations, frescoes, wooden panels and fabrics, gave a personal touch and enriched homes.

The architect Antonella Avanzini proposes a range of hand-painted paper-fabric panels, according to the tradition of fabric and wallpaper decoration, that have a hand painted original design or a customized design according to request.


Raku ceramic items

Making a raku item using a unique creative process involves transforming natural elements into another material by using hands and fire only. This is ancient magic that we can bring into our home.

These items which, through their strong material surfaces and full shape, not only provide refined pleasure, but can also be included both in indoor and outdoor furnishings to perform certain functions.

In the exhibition we expose the works of two masters in raku ceramics: Lionello Torriani and Pietro Vita.

The medicinal plant garden

To combine the creative force within ourselves and the creative force of nature it is necessary to put these two worlds in contact: in urban spaces it is not always possible.

An excellent solution is the creation of small gardens, both in lighted interior areas and in small open spaces. Through the cultivation of medicinal plants, which also include herbs, we generate interaction between the creativity of the botanical world and that of the "human world". Herbal and food preparation science have been doing this for centuries

In the year dedicated to Italian Food, we are delighted to present a collection of medicinal and aromatic herbs that are typical of the Italian territory, set in raku ceramic vases, so as to create our own personal garden in the kitchen or in any space of our home.




Antonella Avanzini


Antonella Avanzini - www.cuoremilano.org

ph.  +39 336444448

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