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April 2018

Superloft is an imaginary yet real home, curated by Giulio Cappellini, with the participation of the most interesting protagonists of the Made in Italy design and the masters craftsmen. An International home that could be placed in Paris as well as in New York in Berlin or Shanghai. A house that combines side-by- side iconic pieces by the most important furniture brands, in a synergy between contemporaneity and vision.

Icone Luce on show at Superloft:


Canaletto, Icone Luce’s new collection of suspended and wall lamps, is on trend in the interior lighting planet. Its light but tremendous character metal structure and blown glass lighting diffusers depict grace and Murano’s skills.


Once again, the designer Marco Pagnoncelli captures light and inserts it inside a “caveau”. Inaccessible, perfectly contained and safeguarded. A new concept of lamp: no longer a minimum size recessed lamp, no longer a concave space with the function to accommodate an illuminating body, but a product able to combine the prerogatives of a spotlight with the size of a wall lamp with a brand new fully retracting system.


A tribute to nature without any space for unnecessary elements. Arbor arises from a bundle of linear elements gathered to form a bouquet of stems for light flowers.


In Icone Luce’s products there is never nothing unnecessary or something missing, but only what is necessary and sufficient to give the desired effect when you turn on the light. Luà is a directional collection of essential design. A flat disc, produced in aluminum with a thickness of 6 mm, is characterized by a rounded profile along the entire perimeter.


In a union between direct and indirect light, new emotional formal patterns draw spaces in the name of contemporary times. Spillo makes essentiality a way of being. For wall, ceiling and floors.

“Giù Up”

Simplicity and rigor have never been synonym of banality but instead they mark a real attention to formal and structural design. The collection is based on linear and geometric elements stripped down as much as possible, without compromises.


A collection with an essential design and adjustable light source.

Each lighting system of Icone Luce at Superloft are designed by Marco Pagnoncelli.




Icone Luce


Marco Pagnoncelli

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