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April 2016

Knowledge , experience, technology , innovation and tailoring are the key words at the base of our philosophy of designing. In fact, the solution to the specific need is only possible through the careful detail design and execution of the same through excellence in craftsmanship guaranteed only by the experience gained over the years and the careful use of the most advanced industrial technologies . Against standardization and homologation with Italian architectural taste .

The meeting between the most contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship create a new field of experimentation for the design and manufacture of furniture components at whose center is always the person and his well-being. This fact remains the objective pursued under the renewed and even closer cooperation between the ancient architectural shapes such as the designer and the artisan tradition to innovation. In addition, the simultaneity of the industrial application that allows the use of modern technologies for the improvement of implementation. Cerva in the exhibition area are some recent proposals produced fruit of this experience: wood, metal, fabric, plastic material. The protagonists are: CARIMATI, Bergamo company leader in the custom furniture industry to public places since 1919 when the new generation flagship owners much on customization and customized design; DRIGANI, Friuli-based company founded in 1950 that specializes in furniture for indoors and outdoors; SCHOOLBOY, umbrellas manufacturing industry grew from the foundation of the first workshop in Padua 40 years ago to today's production of items curtains exported to over 50 countries worldwide; SFEMT study, young studio building and nautical design, engineering and design specializing in architectural composition with use of design given to the design requirements for each project / customer.

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Carimati Arredamenti
SFEMT studio


Stefano Tironi
Eleonora Tomaselli


Carimati Arredamenti : +39 035 200055

Drigani : Tel: +39 0432 560724 

Scolaro : Tel. +39 0429 656687

SFEMT : Tel. +39 333 864 7107

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Exhibition - Knowledge , experience, technology , innovation and tailoring .
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