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April 2016

Essent’ial celebrates its first ten years with a special event at the Milan Fuorisalone (12-17 April 2016)

Essent’ial is celebrating this milestone with a reinterpretation of the Sacchino F bag, the brand’s biggest star.

5+5=10! Five ‘design’ interpretations being presented at the Fuorisalone + Five graphics to be chosen in competition

The five Special Edition Sacchino bags will be presented by Ciclosfuso (via Sartirana, opposite number 5 on the street, at the corner of Via Vigevano number 43 | 12/16 april, h. 10 a.m - 10 p.m; 17 april h. 10 a.m - 6 p.m), with a fun and evocative window design, in an event which is part of the ‘Tortona Design Week’ Fuorisalone circuit.

This location, where bicycles and wine come together in an original yet well-thought-out pairing, has been chosen for its focus on some of the best Italian traditions, the food and wine sector, as well as its respect for the environment.

The five versions of the Sacchino F bag, being presented at the Fuorisalone with new graphics, have been created by designers Matteo Ragni, Diego Grandi, Paola Navone, Giulio Iacchetti, and KLab, a creative workshop for the disabled, in addition to Albano Ghizzoni, creator of the Essent’ial brand.

The graphics for the other 5 sacchino bags will be chosen in an online contest, to be launched during the Fuorisalone. More details will be available soon. The five budding designers chosen as the most interesting among the entrants will see their products brought to life and presented at the trade fairs in September 2016.

Essent’ial will also be present at the ‘God Save The Food’ event (Via Tortona 34, Milan). The colour white will take centre stage in this culinary location.
Opposite the large open kitchen, which offers customers the chance to see their food being prepared, is a bar with stools and a large dining room with simple and modern tables, which Essent’ial will be ‘setting’ with its bags in different sizes and colours!

Also featuring some products from the range is Cargo High-Tech (Via Privata Antonio Meucci 39, Milan): a large store in the heart of Milan, a ‘workshop of the new and unusual’, which showcases a vast range of furnishings, perfumes, fashion accessories, homewares and various objects.

Essent’ial will also be participating in the preparation of two important stands at EuroCucina - the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition (Fiera Milano - Milan Rho Exhibition Centre | 12-17 April | Hours: 9.30 to 18.30).

The first is that of Dada, a 400 metre square area designed by Vincent Van Duysen.
Over the years, Dada has produced kitchens which have made history in the world of high design, with results which go beyond the formal development of fitted kitchens.
Cube, Sacchino, Long Minimal and Boxes - made of cellulose fibre, a recycled and certified ecofriendly material - have been chosen by the stylists to decorate the stand.

The second stand belongs to Whirlpool Corporation, which this year includes its sub-brands KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Hotpoint and Indesit.
Whirlpool, the American multinational manufacturer of domestic appliances, has chosen Essent’ial. The items which will be on display in the showcooking and lounge areas feature the Emilia-Romagna brand’s must-haves, its bags, in grey and red. The Sacchetto and Saccaccio bags will be used to hold herbs, spices, kitchen utensils and plants.

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