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April 2016

The Foundation Rivoli2 presents artists and designers in dialogue about the interpretation of two materials: stoneware and textile. #INSIDE THE MATTER

In occasion of the "Fuori Salone di Milano 2016" from the 7th until the 23rd of April 2016, the Foundation Rivoli2 presents the project IM Inside the Matter, in its third edition. The exhibition presents artists and designers, which are in dialogue on the interpretation of two materials; stoneware and cloth. The artists, Giuserppe Spagnulo, Nanni Valentini and Carlo Zauli and the group Sognando Casa with the designer Vincente De Hoe will present art pieces in stoneware while the artist Anna Galtarossa  and the designer Luca Sommariva  for Nuforms Design , will present works realised with cloth.

The projects wants to analyse the different but complementary approaches to the elaboration of the material and confront two ways of expression which, although distinct in their language, present particular affinities and common points: if on the one hand, the artist reaches the public through the immaterial value of the work, helped by its same thought and by the position that he assumes towards reality, on the other hand the designer directly deals with reality itself, taking inspiration from it to create objects that are oriented towards their improvement and perfection.

The designer Luca Sommariva presents HE-KA hanging lamp, dedicated to the figure of the dragon with a inox structure, shaped and recovered by oriental cloth of 2,50mt (lenght) per 1,80mt (width). For the works of Sognando Casa group, the designer Vincente DE Hoe presents two panels of stoneware with digital print of 1x3mt with the title Castrum and Glaciem inspired to architectural and natural themes.

Of the artist Anna Galtarossa the works Skyscraper Nursery-  Nursery Helmet 2011will be exposed. As she says, those are "bodies of spiritual ghosts". "Bodies with which we measure our body and in this there is the Italian root of the work of Galtarossa because the measure between body and space is the Italian symbol of our art that in this way maintains the relationship between the ancient period and that could never lose this peculiarity even when it adopts shapes and material that contrast with the classic era" (from the text of Giacinto Di Pietrantonio ). 


The artist Carlo Zauli will expose the work "Shocked vase" from 1986 realised in stoneware with “Zauli’s White “ together with the works of Giuseppe Spagnulo e Nanni Valentini artists of the same generation that have used stoneware to express their poetry. The expositive path will be completed by a project room realised by the Liceo Torricelli Ballardini of Faenza with ideas that mix together the use of stoneware with the one of cloth.

IM is realized thanks to the support of  Nuforms Design and Sognando Casa group, with the patronage of  MIC International Museum of ceramic in Faenza, the collaboration of FISTIC Founding institution of higher creative industries technologies and of the Museum Carlo Zauli. The project of the Foundation Rivoli2 is sustained from Navigando Turismo e Cultura

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