Chrome spirits appropriate the space. Letters flash up to the rhythm of electronic sounds and bass beats.

Black soundscape. Touch. Hissing breath, melting silver hail, pulsating fog. Chromatic is energy, dynamism, glow. Everything is possible. Nothing happens without us. Magic of the moment, instant opportunity, imaginary journey.

Chromatic is the title of JUNG’s exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019: an artistic spatial experiment providing a stage for the innovative drive of JUNG, manufacturer of future-proof building technology and aesthetic design. A stage that blends purism and chrome with the subtlety of the Le Corbusier colour universe.

The temporary installation conceived by design studio raumkontor develops through the rooms of a ballet school located in the heart of the Brera design district. The variety and complexity of the installation intertwines the architectural power of the iconic JUNG switches with the lightness of a multi-faceted sense of life, evoking wonder as the starting point of our experience of the world.

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Allestimento di JUNG
Via Palermo, 1

8 – 14 april 2019

Every day from 11am to 8pm
Cocktail: tuesday 9 april 2019 to 7pm

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