Innovation&Tradition: SUPERSTUDIO's news at Fuorisalone 2019

In addition to the projects mentioned in the previous article, here there are other projects proposed by SUPERSTUDIO, with its well-established SUPERDESIGN SHOW event, for this Milan Design Week 2019.

After launching the original format "less fair, more museum", the forthcoming edition of the project by Gisella Borioli with the art director Giulio Cappellini, follows the usual mission ONLY THE BEST with a focus on the INNOVATION&TRADITION theme.
The projects presented revolve around the contrast between nature and technology, tradition and innovation with the objective of simplifying and making our cities smarter and more sustainable.

Eyes totally fixed to the future for the installation of Lexus International that collaborates with the group of visual and media artists Rhizomatiks. Visitors into the darkness will have the opportunity to experience a fantastic and exciting lighting spectacle created to plunge the spectators into the Japanese brand's vision on the future of mobility.

Following the theme of materials and smart cities, Material ConneXion Italia reconfirms its presence at the Superdesign Show with three different projects. Among these, there is the "Smart City: People, Technology & Materials" exhibition-event, curated by the architect Giulio Ceppi. The exhibition, marked by a rich schedule of workshops, conferences and debates, has the “Latin way to smart city” as guideline, based on the analysis of changes that involve our daily living and the use of technology as a tool of symbiosis and empathy.
Also, "The Beautiful Side of Design" will be the name of the special project of Material ConneXion Italia presented by the collaboration with Marie Claire Maison.

Metal will be the leitmotif of Yokohama Makers Village's product design collections, offering an innovative collection of design objects inspired by a more sustainable lifestyle that reproduce the "strength" and functions of natural elements thanks to parametric design.

Linked to the metal is also the project of the Koizumiya brand that develops products which follow the concept of "Kaion", the metal sound conveying pleasurable sensations and harmony.

Still in the field of innovative materials, Gobbetto astonishes us with an architectural project by Giulio Cappellini, made by majestic portals that mark a path and whose company’s colours and textures become protagonists.

Moving on the national pavilions, Korea Craft & Design Foundation bases its project, entitled "Monochrome Monologue" and promoted by the Korean Government, on the concept of sentimentality in which the beauty of the void will be the first to manifest itself to visitors through entry into a space black and white.

About the concept of contamination between art and design, the Danish brand Normann Copenhagen will present an exhibition between furniture and lighting in which ten international artists have worked together to convey their artistic practice in objects that implement art into the practice of everyday life.

With its 13,000 square meters of exhibition space and 100,000 visitors accredited only in 2018, SUPERSTUDIO re-proposes itself as a stage not to be missed in this Design Week 2019.

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© — All rights reserved.