THE SECRET PLACE OF DESIGN A place for the project

The exclusive district of Brera, meeting point of the design excellence, hosts an exceptional project born from the synergy of five Italian brands - Nodus, Exto, Matì, Extendo and Leolori – united by their passion for quality and research.
In the heart of the city, in the main cloister of San Simpliciano -exceptionally open to the public during the Design Week- tradition entwines with Made in Italy innovation.
This asset is made by: Nodus, which celebrates 10 years of excellent collaborations, giving life to visionary projects in the best textile manufacturing centres with ethical certification; Exto, at its second collection of timeless furniture and accessories, signed by great design names and made by the best artisans of Brianza; Matì, linear and understated handcrafted luxury design, whose research is based on ancestral materials linked to nature; Extendo, specialized in the design and production of interior design units, strong of excellent functional content and interpreting everyday requirements in an innovative manner; Leolori, a company vocated to innovation and material research for design with more than 50 years experience in textile and furniture industry.

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Chiostro grande della basilica di San Simpliciano
Via Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro, 3 – Milano
9th-14th april, from 10am to 9pm






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