Fiemme 3000 ‘Do you feel wood? Touch. Sound. Smell. Shape’

Healthy, authentic, artisanal. This is the new ‘Mani di Fiemmecollection of Fiemme 3000. With its oaks ‘Piuma’, Pergamena’, ‘Calamaio, and the new tactile ‘Written by Hand’ surface finishing, the new collection will be disclosed at Milano Design Week 2019. A proposal for wood flooring, cladding and furniture, all made with biocompatible wood which homages ancient surface working, depositary of our artisans’ know-how today revisited to wear out the signs of life lived so far, where a unique and charming drawing will appear. During the design week in Milan, in Fiemme 3000’s flagship you can experience the multi-sensory path Do you feel wood? Touch. Sound. Smell. Shape.’ Suffused lighting. You can listen to, caress, look at and smell the real essence of wood, its healthy perfume, its material details, its natural sound and the alive substance transformed into Fiemme 3000’s novelties. 

Good and beautiful - Indoor Air Quality
As proved by the CNR-Ivalsa, the greatest Research Council for Trees and Timber in Italy, Fiemme 3000 products do not release harmful substances at all but, on the contrary, release healthy VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) tested on the human health.

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Fiemme Store Milano
Via Giovanni Lanza, 4
9 – 14 April
T. + 39 02 359 51457

Fiemme 3000 - pavimenti in legno biocompatibili
Fiemme 3000

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