Co.llection, a brand new label

Anticipating global trends towards more compact living, the label delivers iconic designs, with integration of modern living standards. We transform the experience of everyday life.

The setup includes 3 items: (1) cube, a design within a certain volume with all functions for cooking, eating and drinking intended for both residential and work purpose, but also for outdoor use. The volume is high-end finished, is made with honest materials, is good looking, timeless and functional; (2) screen, a rotatable, acoustic element with a smart TV screen. The element can be used for multimedia and is ideal for meetings thanks to its integrated speaker and whiteboard; (3) storage, consisting of compact, rotatable elements of approximately 60 by 60cm that can be attached to each other. The elements are suitable for storing tableware. Equipment such as an oven can be placed in an intermediate element of about 45cm high and can be connected to the peripherals.

Photo @ Co.Studio

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The items will be exhibited at two locations:

@ the gallery
Via Ciovasso 11
20121 Milano

@ kreon showroom
Via V. Forcella 5
20144 Milano 10-20h

T. +32 484 691 421

Address data:
Brugsebaan 4d
8850 Ardooie


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