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April 2018

Drawing on the past to set the future way of life: this is agrAir’s mission, which outlines the values of tomorrow’s living – lightness, brightness, careful use of resources, dissolution of contrasts between interiors and outdoor, natural and artificial spaces – in a balanced relationship between earth and air.

Two souls and one name to sum them up in a single gesture: agrAir, the installation presented by Piuarch as part of the Inhabits programme of the Milan Design Week 2018, is indeed all about concreteness of the earth, the most ancient cultivation practices, but also about all those intangible actions which together make up the complexity of living. They are not two opposites forced into a delicate balance, but rather two elements harmoniously intertwined to reveal what life in any urban context should look like in the next few decades.

What should the optimal conditions for comfort be, both for the public and for individuals? What are the requirements which architecture ought to follow for the purpose of improving the city, of guaranteeing the wellbeing of its citizens, to encourage social relations and individual accountability with a view to progress in the community? The underlying concept of the Piuarch project is to outline those values that are able to promote environmental quality through their mutual interaction: lightness, luminosity, careful use of resources and cost-effect6iveness, dissolution of contrasts between interiors and outdoors, between natural and artificial spaces, recovery of green areas and agriculture in the city.

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