Epochè - suspended in space


Torre Liprando
via pietro giannone, 9

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April 2018

Epochè - suspended in space

Torre Liprando narrates the years in which, suspended between reality and unreality, presence and absence, tolls and silence, survival and prayer, the tower lived obliviously; an itinerary in time between tangible and intangible, to live the present without judging and enhancing tomorrow with creativity.

 In a contemporary world where everything is focused on performance and economic value Epochè freezes the mechanism and asks for distance to observe it and take back the overall vision.  

Torre Liprando is the co-founder of a network of architects and designers working in the area of ​​Borgo degli Ortolani, called Sarpi Design Hub, and animator of the Sarpi Design District.  

Torre Liprando also collaborates with ASIA DESIGN PAVILION, the first edition of the exhibition and communication platform designed to enhance and present the multiform Asian creative scene in a unified way and reinforce the dialogue between East and West.




Michele Taborelli


luisa bordiga 334-294-22.70 torreliprando@gmail.com


17 Tuesday
18:00 - 20:00
Workshop - Study project on Borgo degli Ortolani - From borough to town, from point of passage to destination: the evolution of the Borgo degli Ortolani studied through 5 representative and emblematic buildings of the area. A new look at the neighborhood and an inn
18 Wednesday
18:00 - 20:00
Workshop - The recall of an agricultural place, from abandonment to the activation of a social project and a network of local realities With CasciNet - Milano Talk by Andrea Volsa, project manager and general manager, and Marco Sessa, co-founder of Giardini in Tra
19 Thursday
18:00 - 20:00
Workshop - Abandoned places that tell stories - Abandoned, uninhabited or set-aside places tell stories.. In partnership with the organization: Spazi Indecisi (Undecided Spaces) With Federica Bondi, architect and Francesco De Agostini, architect
20 Friday
21 Saturday
22 Sunday
11:00 - 20:00
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