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April 2017

#Spiderballs by Francesca Pasquali at MELISSA FEM.IN.INE COLLECTIVE

Melissa loves exploration, innovation, vitality, the energy of materials, transformation and respect for nature.

As Francesca, artist that interlaces organic and inorganic, reuses plastic and industrial materials, rethinks forms starting from the sensibility of her look at the world.

They met in Milan during Fuori Salone 2017.

MELISSA FEM.IN.INE COLLECTIVE born from this collaboration, for Brera Design District.

Francesca brought her Spiderballs. Blue, yellow, red, fuchsia, grey. It’s born a great net, an immersive and multisensory environment: AranhaBolaColoridas.

Life, energy, materials, body. Movement, color, metamorphosis, change.

To be at the center of the own desire, to move in any possible direction, to overcome the limits of substance, to play with dreams, to increase the potentiality of senses.

To touch, to feel, to experience, to see, to smell new form of arts created starting from a small, ordinary plastic object. To weave, to compose, to release in space plenty of these tiny objects.

Inspired by the modern creativity and the energizing innovation of Melissa, the artist conceived an immersive and engaging site-specific environment: AranhaBolaColoridas, title that recalls the place, the culture, the fusion between nature and technology that join in Melissa’s brand.

Metaphorically, Francesca Pasquali’s colored cobweb blows up in the space as a net, a lap, a place of dialogue, confrontation, connection and exchange among identities, technologies, plastic materials, organic memories, unexplored potentialities. Anyone can climb, touch, lay down, plunge in this huge chromatic weft, searching for the own being and feeling.

Legs in movement, arms in tension, eyes that turn and “touch” the multisensory environment of Francesca Pasquali.

Melissa’s products, as Francesca’s artworks, are objects in never-ending transformation, gestures that carries identity and personality, tiny wishes that walks the world, moving, changing, transforming. As all of us.

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Francesca Pasquali


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