The Essential Taste of Design


Casello Ovest di Porta Venezia
Corso Venezia, 63

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April 2017

A project by Matteo Ragni Studio and Porta Venezia in Design. Main sponsor: Essent'ial

A project by: Matteo Ragni Studio and Porta Venezia in Design

Main Partner: Essent’ial

Partners: Lurisia, Mogi Caffè, Plust Collection, Scuola Politecnica di Design, Verallia

Technical partners: ElettrocityStore/BiroPoint, Hic Enoteche, Ifi, Out of the Box

Media Partner: Azure


Info Point, Press Point, Bar Azure

Special guest: Davide Longoni with 20zeronove presenting ‘La Tasca’

Starting from the original function of this building, the House of Bread, ‘The Essential Taste of Design’ wants to give a space to projects with essential style, about food design.

There will be many exhibition presences. In the rooms on the ground floor: an international presence with the Canadian magazine giving its name to AZURE BAR, in the lounge room with furniture - Plynto tables and stools, consisting of three assembling pieces, design Matteo Ragni for Essent' ial - in brown cardboard.

AZURE, with the 'Breaking Bread - Pane al Pane’ project, will show 12 drawings / projects referring the theme of bread, offered by 12 world renowned architects and designers. The proceeds will be donated to the Pane Quotidiano Association.

LA SCUOLA POLITECNICA DI DESIGN will showcase the prototypes designed by his students, as a results of the thematic workshop about food design.

At the first floor, on the walls of the central hall will be displayed the 100 'ARTISTIC CUTTING BOARDS', personalized with 100 texture, selected on the contest launched by Matteo Ragni Studio.

In the middle of the exhibition room, three display tables, designed by Matteo Ragni and made by Essent'ial, will host a selection of stainless steel cutlery design, from Belgian collector Alain Wathieu, offering an eclectic and delicious view based on these used-daily tools.

In particular, the exhibition will be hosting cutlery from the '30s to nowadays with a focus on Gio Ponti and Lino Sabattini and including cutlery model 'Paper', designed by the Milanese architect Francesca Mo.

A side room will host 'OBJECTS TELL', a display case with 21 short stories about life and kitchen items, very normal or original, used daily by Virginio Briatore, a design-philosopher. Graphics and layout by Francesco Fusillo.

Verallia partecipates with its exhibition ‘Oggetti Comunicanti’ of a glass objects changing their common use.

Fondazione Accademia del Panino Italiano will present the exhibition 'IL PANINO, DA NATURA A ARTIFICIO. I Maestri del pane'. 

Finally the artist Dejana Kabiljo will present the video-story 'Taste of beauty / WHAT IF IT WOULD KILL YOU?'

DAVIDE LONGONI, as a guest, will be an exceptional witness presenting his bread world. And, along with 20zeronove, will present la ‘Tasca' new product: soft and unmistakable taste, leavened by sourdough course, it is born from a mix of organic flour type 2 wheat, whole rye and durum wheat, to whom EVO oil and whole sea salt from Trapani, are added.
The intention is to offer a leavened with a distinctive character, a soft ‘container’ with a slightly acid note, suitable for both savoury and sweet fillings, which is able to satisfy any spirit by few tasty and generous bites.

Lay-exhibition and graphic design are by Matteo Ragni Studio.


PLUST Collection


Matteo Ragni


Nicoletta Murialdo
nicoletta.murialdo@comu-nico.it | M. +39 3395318579

Sabrina Barozzi
info@portaveneziaindesign.com | M. +39 3336158644

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