House of Birds


Giardini della Triennale
Viale Emilio Alemagna 6

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April 2017

The exhibition at the "Giardino delle Sculture " of La Triennale di Milano, features 24 works which combine design, creativity and nature; the result of a design workshop where 24 well-known Italian and foreign designers invited to meet one challenge: designing an house of birds, free to express and experiment their own vision through functions, forms, colors, and finishes.

House of Birds exhibit comes from the experience of the creative company Action Giromari, where 24 birdhouses designed by 24 well-known Italian and foreign designers came to life.

Roberto Giacomucci, curator of the workshop, coordinated the designers leaving them the full creative freedom: Shin Azumi; Emmanuel Babled; Sebastian Bergne; Aldo Cibic; Claesson Koivisto Rune; Nigel Coates; Matali Crasset; Lorenzo Damiani; Marco Ferreri; Odoardo Fioravanti; Naoto Fukasawa; Roberto Giacomucci; Alessandro Guerriero; Constance Guisset; Giulio Iacchetti; Industrial Facility; Lanzavecchia + Wai; Lievore Altherr; Piero e Francesco Lissoni; Palomba Serafini ps+a; Marc Sadler; Denis Santachiara; Paolo Ulian; Michael Young.

The birdhouses with their wide variety of materials, forms and colours will be set up in the Garden of the Sculptures of La Triennale di Milano. The objective of the House of Birds exhibit is that to show how every idea can become a reality when there is a perfect balance between creativity and technical abilities!


Action Giromari

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